Chat GPT Brown Bag

The Center for Teaching and Learning hosted a hybrid Chat GPT brown bag on February 16, 2023, facilitated by Professor Milena Cuellar (MEC) and CTL Director Ljubica Depovic. Participants joined in person and online for a brief presentation and a conversation with colleagues about what Chat GPT may mean for courses this spring. We covered:

  • a short overview/demo of what Chat GPT is, its capabilities and limitations;
  • possible implications for academic integrity, assignments, syllabus, etc.;
  • heard from those who have used it, and
  • facilitated conversations about Chat GPT’s possible impact on courses in the spring semester.

This is an evolving phenomenon that changes almost daily.


To access the recording of the session on a new tab, click on this link


From the workshop:

General resources about Chat GPT:

News articles about Chat GPT: