Welcome to Spring from Provost Paul Arcario

abstracted photo of dew on grass in early morning lightWelcome to our spring semester, and for many, welcome back to our campus! There is always spring, even when so much in our world is difficult and challenging; it is a time to commit to renewal, a time to plant seed, a time for growth to resume. My own growth is a new-found immersion into Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness practice – which I find so exciting as I move on to my next act at the end of June!  Like many on this path, I have been deeply moved by the writings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, who passed away this year at age 95. Hanh writes that resilient trees can weather a violent storm because their roots are deep and firm. How fortunate we are to be at LaGuardia, where our roots are firmly anchored in the commitment to our mission, where we have the opportunity to do meaningful work, where we can nourish our students, and have the joy of seeing them grow and blossom.

Hanh reminds us that sustaining this commitment takes deep listening and loving speech, which I believe will nurture a stronger, more inclusive, – and yes, loving – community. It has been a true privilege for me to be part of this community for over three decades, and I look forward to seeing all of you continue to engage, to grow, to flourish!

– Provost Paul Arcario