Students walking by the entrance of the E building under the LaGuardia Community College logo.

Belonging at LaGuardia: Day and Night Students

Research suggests a strong connection between a student’s sense of belonging to their campus and classes and higher academic achievement (for references, see below). In a short video presentation of “Networking at LaGuardia” and “LaGuardians at Night,” two engagement events created by the CTL’s Student Success Team, Peer Advisors Gurleen Kaur and Salwa Quhshi share their approaches to building a learning community of support, security, and acceptance. Drawing upon personal and professional experiences, Gurleen and Salwa identify campus organizations and resources designed to generate emotional and intellectual well-being across LaGuardia. Representing our high-achieving, community-oriented team of Peer Advisors, Gurleen and Salwa invite faculty and staff to view their presentation and share its success-building resources with students and colleagues.


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