Finding Co-curricular Opportunities in the Remote Learning Era

abstract grid pattern on dark grey backgroundDuring these unique times, for many, maintaining connections with others remains a constant challenge.

Although we are physically apart, LaGuardia faculty and staff are making extraordinary efforts to foster and sustain connections with students during the remote learning period. To this end, the College is continuing to offer unique, virtual co-curricular opportunities for students during this time, such as workshops around career and professional development, emotional wellness, financial literacy, and adapting to remote-learning technology, among many others.

To support these efforts, the Student Success Team of the CTL has developed a resource library of virtual co-curricular events for  LaGuardia students. Originally developed for faculty teaching the First Year Seminar, the resource library has now  expanded to include events for all students.

In addition to the date of the event, College area or program sponsoring it, and, if applicable,  a link to the virtual space where the event will be held, the library also identifies whether the event is one-time, pre-recorded, or recurring.

Updated regularly by the Student Success Team, the co-curricular library serves as a user-friendly  centralized compilation of virtual co-curricular events that can support student learning and engagement. These events can help students to build connections to the College in a time when connections and a sense of community and belonging are more important than ever.

We encourage you to visit the co-curricular library to discover events that can help enrich the remote learning experience for your students.

If your area is planning a virtual co-curricular event that you would like to include in the library, please let us know by emailing David Brandt ( and Kayla Williams (