LaGuardia’s Core Values statement defines “Learning” as the first among our institutional values:

“Believing that everyone can learn, we foster a creative and collaborative environment that stimulates the intellect, inspires the imagination and enlarges our vision of the world.”

Guided by this principle, LaGuardia’s Center for Teaching and Learning offers a comprehensive program of professional development opportunities to faculty, staff, and students. Based on long experience with proven effective practices, CTL seminars and development programs encourage active, collaborative learning and high expectations and academic aspiration for LaGuardia students. Sustained, semester-long and year-long programs, co-facilitated by faculty leaders and CTL staff, afford faculty participants the time and space to experiment, reflect, assess, and improve their teaching practice. While professional development for faculty remains the core CTL mission, we are now building and offering learning opportunities for staff and students as well. Working closely with faculty and administrators from across the College, the CTL designs programming which seeks to balance multiple goals:

  • Encouraging pedagogical innovation, reflection, and collaboration;
  • Supporting faculty and staff implementation of key institutional initiatives, such as the First Year Seminar, team-based advisement, Core Competencies, and outcomes assessment;
  • Offering support for activities which assist faculty in reappointment, tenure, and promotion, such as developing peer-reviewed publications in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and other fields;
  • Supporting Front Line college staff with timely updates about campus initiatives and resources while providing opportunities for building skills and strategies that improve the workplace;
  • Providing students with meaningful paid work (for example, the Student Technology Mentor, Student Success Mentor, and Peer Advisor Academy programs), contributing to their personal growth while furthering college goals.

Working with faculty, staff, and students, the CTL seeks to strengthen and promote a culture of continuous learning for all LaGuardians while contributing to our common goal: greater success and a brighter future for our students.

For further information about the LaGuardia CTL and its programs, visit: www.laguardia.edu/ctl .

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