LinkedIn Learning at LaGuardia

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LaGuardia now has access to LinkedIn Learning, a platform that hosts content for professional growth in many areas. From learning technical skills such as video editing to using Microsoft Excel, to growing soft skills like interacting with others on the workplace, LinkedIn Learning provides endless opportunities for growth and professional advancement across disciplines. Utilizing the homepage, users create a Learning Path which allows them to select content of their interest and build it in a module style that can be completed over time.

In situations when learning and connecting with others happens on online spaces, LinkedIn Learning supports both students and faculty users. Students can engage remotely with content that helps advance skills beyond the classroom, and faculty can identify and create learning paths that align with specific course goals and outcomes. For staff, the creation of a learning path promotes ongoing professional development and fosters workplace learning. Finally, LinkedIn Learning offers a curator role to faculty and staff, enabling the possibility of sharing their learning paths with other groups on the platforms.

When using LinkedIn Learning, three important considerations are emphasized. First, LinkedIn Learning supplements the acquisition of course subject matter. For example, a student majoring in Accounting can advance their MS Excel skills to the next level by taking this Excel Essential Training course. Identifying courses in LinkedIn Learning that directly connect and supplement a student’s learning is key to maximizing the use of the platform. Second, certificates can be displayed on various web platforms as tokens of acquired knowledge. Thus, a student’s professional LinkedIn profile can be optimized for more opportunities when these certificates are added to their profile. Lastly, mobile access is easy and quick. LinkedIn Learning users can download an app and engage with content directly from a smartphone. For access, LinkedIn Learning access, our LaGuardia students can use their MyLaGuardia login credentials, and faculty and staff can use their Outlook email credentials.

To learn more about LinkedIn Learning, please visit the LaGuardia website: