Egyptian Educators Visit LaGuardia

Educators at table; part of Egyptian flag

Egyptian educators visit LaGuardia

To learn about trends in the American higher education system, a delegation of Egyptian educators visited LaGuardia on November 15th, 2019 as part of the U.S Department of State sponsored International Visitor Leadership program (IVLP) within the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. 

As part of the program, “current and emerging leaders from across the world come to the United States on the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) to meet with professional counterparts and visit U.S. public and private sector organizations related to their field of interest.” (Source: U.S Department of State)

Coordinated by LaGuardia’s Vice President of Institutional Advancement Janet Corcoran, the event served as a dynamic and informative cross-cultural exchange, and a unique global learning opportunity..

The delegation learned about facets of the College that make LaGuardia the unique institution it is, including: ACE and its extensive offering of continuing education and small business development programs, The English Language Center and the experiences of non-native speakers of English, LaGuardia’s initiatives related to diversity and equity, and LaGuardia’s extensive peer mentoring programs, led largely in part by the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Each topic was explored through a series of engaging conversational panels consisting of LaGuardia faculty, staff, and students with a particular expertise. Of particular relevance to the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning was the panel on Peer Mentoring and Coaching. 

Representing the Center for Teaching and Learning on the panel were, Asma Shuaib, a LaGuardia graduate and former Student Success Mentor from Egypt who a who recently received her B.A in Education from Hunter College, Julissa Camilo, Coordinator of the Peer Advisor Academy, Ali Abdallah, Coordinator of the Student Technology Mentor Program, and David Brandt, the Professional Development and Communications Coordinator for the CTL’s Student Success Programs. LaGuardia’s Center for Career and Professional Development was also represented on the panel by its director, Jessica Perez.

participants at Egyptian educators event

Ali Abdallah (center), Director COordinaot of LaGuardia’s Student Technology Mentor program and an Egyptian native, speaks with visiting educaotrs

It is also worth noting that CTL staff member Ali Abdallah is of Egyptian origin and served as a captain in the Egyptian Navy. This fact not only underscores the great cultural diversity of LaGuardia as an institution, but also serves as a reminder of the breadth of professional experiences that LaGuardia staff bring to their roles at the College. 

The day served as a prime example of Global Learning in action and was a meaningful cross-cultural exchange for all involved.