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CTL Peer Mentors Unite Around Common Goal

Organized by a leadership group of Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Peer Mentors, the CTL Peer Mentoring Conference took place on October 3rd, 2018. It brought together nearly 100 Peer Mentors at LaGuardia across three different programs: The Student Success Mentors, Peer Advisors, and Student Technology Mentors. The common goal: Mentorship, Professional Development, and guiding LaGuardia students toward success.


Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Eric Hofmann provides opening remarks at the Conference.


The organizing committee consisted of the CTL Peer Council: A leadership group of three CTL peers who served as representatives of each Peer Program. Working under the guidance of FT CTL staff members Crystal Rivas, David Brandt, Ellen Quish, Estefany Gonzaga, Kyoung Kang, and Marzena Bugaj, the CTL Peer Council met biweekly throughout the preceding summer to meticulously plan the event which was inclusive and representing of the array of wide array of work CTL Peer Mentors engage in with LaGuardia students.


Peer Mentors participate in a collaborative activity.


Topics covered included how tips and strategies on being an effective mentor, engaging with students, professionalism, and the linkages between the three programs and how each plays a substantial role in the various stages of the LaGuardia student experience from First Year to graduation.


SSM Asma Shuaib provides an overview of the Student Success Mentor Program.


Most importantly, by having the conference planned by peers themselves, it was not only an event that authentically spoke to the needs and experiences of CTL peer mentors, but it set a model for newer peers; emphasizing the Center’s commitment to teaching, learning, and professional development.

If you are interested in learning more about the event, please contact Estefany Gonzaga (, David Brandt ( or Kyoung Kang (


CTL Peer Conference

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