Professional Development Opportunities: 2017-18

New Faculty Colloquium
The Center for Teaching and Learning’s 2017-18 professional development program offers multiple opportunities for LaGuardia faculty to deepen their knowledge and skills while exploring new ways to support student learning and success.

Applications for the 2017-18 CTL Seminars are due April 24, 2017. For full descriptions and links to the applications, visit the CTL website.

This year, the CTL is pleased to introduce new seminars resulting from the Center’s first RFP process. These include a seminar exploring possibilities of the “flipped classroom”; support for faculty who have transitioned to higher education from clinical or industry settings; and an examination of the cultural and linguistic differences LaGuardia faculty and students experience in the classroom. Our faculty’s creativity, knowledge and expertise, and deep commitment to our students are on full display in these new seminars.

Across the board, CTL’s faculty-led seminars strengthen the College’s key teaching and learning initiatives, including a focus on the Learning Matters Core Competencies and Communication Abilities; guided practice in developmental advising; investigating a range of digital learning spaces, including exciting new developments in ePortfolio technology, design, and pedagogy; and classroom inquiry through the scholarship of teaching and learning.

At the core of CTL seminars is a focus on student learning and success. Many seminars highlight a Learning Matters Core Competency or Ability, helping faculty build students’ 21st century learning skills. Digital Communication will play a key role in multiple offerings. Assignment design and the articulation with disciplinary ways of knowing will shape seminar discussion, strengthening programs’ and departments’ ability to develop cohesive and effective strategies to help students advance and thrive.