Josephine Corso

CTL Interviews: Josephine Corso

Josephine Corso

In the summer of 2019, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) marked the retirement of one of its founding staff members: Josephine Corso.

Since the Center’s founding in 2000, Josephine played a monumental role in shaping and innovating the work done by the CTL. Josephine made unique contributions in a number of areas, including but not limited to, the use of instructional technology in pedagogical practices at LaGuardia, and the development of the CTL’s first peer mentoring program. The Student Technology Program, which has thrived for nearly two decades, and paved the way for the forming of additional peer mentoring programs through the Center.

In this “exit interview” Josephine is interviewed by CTL staff member and ePortfolio consultant Mutaz Hamed; a fitting interviewer, as Mutaz’s first role at the Center was as a Student Technology Mentor under Josephine’s leadership.

We invite you to listen in, and join us in celebrating Josephine’s lasting impact on the Center!