The Peer Advisor Academy is now Hiring!

The Peer Advisor Academy is now Hiring!

We encourage faculty and staff to recommend any qualified students to apply to be Peer Advisor.  This is a paid position that allows students to gain work experience and earn money while enhancing their engagement on campus.

The Peer Advisor Academy recruits capable LaGuardia students and integrates them into the advisement team model.  Prior to their placement, Peer Advisors attend multiple sessions of professional development that prepare them for their roles as student leaders and academic role models.  By working closely with the advisement teams, Peer Advisors gain hands on experience and networking opportunities.

Peer Advisors are successfully navigating the various requirements needed to graduate.  Our Peer Advisors are flourishing, resourceful, academically strong students who have earned a place on the Dean’s list, Phi Theta Kappa and the President’s Society. In addition, one gifted Peer Advisor, Rachel Chambers, has earned the title of Valedictorian for the 2016 commencement.  These bright students share their knowledge, drive and discipline with their fellow LaGuardia Peers to ultimately improve graduation rates and the overall college experience.

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